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On arrival in Kasane you will be met by your guide and transferred to the Chobe National Park. The park is the 2nd largest in Botswana (11,700km²) and named after the river Chobe that forms the northern boundary of the park. The Chobe River supports one of the largest concentrations of elephant found in Africa and it is not uncommon to encounter herds in excess of a hundred. The elephants leave the river for the southern region of the park during the rainy season (December to March) at the time when food and water is freely available inland. Chobe is also famous for it’s huge herds of buffalo, the Chobe bushbuck, and for being the southern-most point where puku can be seen. The river serves as the main water source for the wildlife and birdlife in the area.


The next 3 days will be spent exploring the Chobe  river and its floodplains on game drives and one of the days a lunch boat cruise, which are the best ways to get the most out of this park.



Today camp moves from Chobe to Savuti. It will be an early start for everyone, as the camp staff will have to move the camp and we have to see what is in store for us. While the camp is moving we will follow at a leisurely pace on a game drive as the two areas are joined and it is a game drive the whole way. As the drive will be spread out over the whole day there will be a packed lunch served along the route out in the wilderness, it always tastes better that way.


The Savuti area is a prime game viewing destination and covers almost 5,000km² in the south west of the Chobe National Park. The area offers great game viewing at certain times of the year.  The Savuti Channel has a fascinating history of flooding and drying up independently of good rainy seasons and  flood levels elsewhere - a mystery that has intrigued geologists and other researchers for many years.


The channel dried up in 1885 and started flowing again 1967 to 1982. Dry 1982 until 2009, where it flowed again for a few years. It is currently dry but is  still a phenomenal place to visit with great game drives along the open chanels and grasslands.


The next 2 days will be spent game driving around the Savuti area. Here we will get to see our first hills - some have small San paintings on them. We will break it up into a morning & afternoon game drive with a siesta in the middle. This area is famous for its large bull elephants and lions but one must always keep an open mind and enjoy whatever we encounter.


Day 7

After breakfast you will take a game drive to the airstrip for your onward journeys. This is not the end of the journey as Africa is now in you so we look forward to seeing you back soon. If nothing else spread the good word of your experiences and time with us.

Minimum numbers to run a trip is 4 guests

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