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SAmple itineraries




For this safari guests can either fly in from Maun or we can collect them at the Maun airport. The drive from Maun to the CKGR is approximately 5 hours.



was founded in 1961 and is the largest game reserve in Botswana. Its remoteness plus unforgiving climate and harsh terrain have kept it pristine and mostly untouched. In the last 10 years it has become very popular and for those who want to venture into this remote wilderness will be rewarded with wild Africa at its best. There are a few solar pumps but on the whole there is very little surface water in the dry season. However the Kalahari is made up of a wide variety of habitats including acacia trees and massive expanses of flat grasslands, which is all tough drought resistant vegetation. One of the main sources of water for the animals during the dry season is tsamma melons and gemsbok cucumbers found in the shallow valleys of sand. The Deception Valley area is the most famous area and can be a brilliant area for watching the animals interact. The Valley comes alive during the rainy season from December to May when a lot of animals come to it for the sweet grasses. There is still a lot of animals to see during the dry season but it is a little more spread out. The diversity of the animals is wonderful as well as their shear will to survive in such a unique and harsh environment.


The next 3 DAYS will be spent game driving and exploring this magnificent Game Reserve. The basic programme will run as follows:


Early rise with tea, coffee and a light breakfast served by the fire. We will then depart in our game drive vehicle/s for the morning, back to camp for a brunch/lunch and then siesta/showers/chill time. Afternoon tea will be served under the Mess tent and then out for an afternoon/early evening drive.


On the last morning in CKGR it will be another early rise as the camp is set down and we move to Nxai Pan for 2 NIGHTS.


Day 5 to 7 - NAXI PAN

The pan is 2,100km² in extent and it is a combination of grassland, thick bush, acacia, baobab trees, wide open spaces and dry pans that fill up in the rains and are the currency of life for all that live in the area. In the park there are a group of Baobab's that are called Baines' Baobabs as he painted them in 1862. As the hot dry season sets in the animals become dependent on the water supplies that are left in the pans. Nxai Pan National Park offers spectacular game viewing with large herds and predators in abundance during the summer months from December to April. The game that can be seen in the park are lion, cheetah, gemsbok, wildebeest, giraffe, elephant, springbok, jackal, bat eared fox, red hartebeest and the elusive brown hyena. Nxai Pan itself was once part of the old lake bed, but more vegetation is found here. Here we will spend our time game driving around this splendid National Park.


After breakfast you will take a game drive to the airstrip for your onward journeys. This is not the end of the journey as Africa is now in you so we look forward to seeing you back soon. If nothing else spread the good word of your experiences and time with us.

Minimum numbers to run a trip is 4 guests

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